Air Conditioning for Buildings

Clim Cool Project Gebäudeklimatisierung

In order to give our products the highest standard of quality, all equipment components are checked for quality and functionality before they are installed. Only those components are used which are current state of the art and which have been proven in practice.

Qualified personnel assemble the equipment in a modern and specially equipped workshop which provides for not only the air conditioning and cooling sector but also the metal work and the electro-technology.

All units thereafter are subjected to a performance test which includes the entire unit’s function range and this is documented. This assures that our units can be put into operation with the end customer as soon as they have been installed.

Finally our units are packed and prepared for dispatch. This is done according to customers’ wishes. From simple packaging on palettes to full wooden crating for shipping oversees. 

If requested all customs formalities can be taken care of.

Example Projects - Air Conditioning for Buildings

Saltwater combination units for cold storage houses Clim Cool Project Gebaeudeklimatisierung

Because of the destruction of the ozone layer by the use of CFC, we make every effort to use as little CFC as possible in our products and to make them and make them as compact and safe as possible. For this purpose, saltwater is eminently suitable as cooling medium. The cooling unit is assembled in our works with great care.

No technica ...

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Process cooling for solar cell production Clim Cool Project Gebaeudeklimatisierung

Air conditioning of a test cabin in photo-voltaic production.

The TKL 6000 serves as an air conditioner for test cabins.

It is a ready-to-connect compact air conditioning unit, i.e. all components necessary for operation are housed within it.

The air conditioning unit is tested at manufacture and is delivered ready for in ...

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Office air conditioning Clim Cool Project Gebaeudeklimatisierung

Office air conditioning with external fresh air supply and heat recycling.

  • 3x Daikin external units VRV III
  • 35x Daikin internal units
  • cooling power aprox. 100 KW

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Digital Scroll technology for production workshops Clim Cool Project Gebaeudeklimatisierung

2-pipe multi-system solutions Absolutely no electromagnetic interference

Cooling Power 22,5 KW
Heating Power 25,0 KW

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