Custom Solutions

Sonderklimaanlagen / Custom Solutions

Modern clim-cool project air conditioning and refrigeration units provide the best climatic conditions in thermally highly charged rooms. We offer you products, systems and total solutions. Everything one-stop.

We see the highest demands as a challenge. We have gathered a great deal of experience in various applications, from which you can profit in your project.

Many solutions which are normally offered as standard are available from us made specifically for the customer. We adapt our equipment individually to the particular demands.

Example Projects - Special Air Conditioning Units:

Tent and Trailer VIP Lounge BMW F1 Clim Cool Project Sonderklimaanlagen

Air conditioning for tent and Trailer of the BMW F1 VIP Lounge

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Projector cooling CCP-PK-700 Clim Cool Project Sonderklimaanlagen

Ever smaller and cheaper projectors with ever higher light intensity results in use of projectors even for sales promotion in public places becoming increasingly attractive.

Unfortunately, the locations preferred by the promotional organisers with a high density of public presence such as airports, shopping centres and railway stations, ...

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Wafer block cooler for industrial bakeries

The cooling channel serves for cooling flat wafers and is a component of a complete wafer line. It consists of individual segments, held together by hook fasteners set in foam.

The wafers are transported through the canal via four supported round bands. The insulation consists of CFC-free polyurethane sandwich elements. The cooling units ...

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Partial air conditioning unit for noise insulated cabins Clim Cool Project Sonderklimaanlagen

Air conditioning systems for machines in noise insulated cabins in heightened tropical environmental conditions. The supply module serves for air conditioning a soundproof pressroom.

The arrangement of the system is as follows:

All components are housed in a painted steel framed construction with insulated pow ...

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